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Which books and audiotapes do you recommend about the Enneagram?

Naturally, we recommend our best-selling books on the Enneagram as being those that present the most complete and accurate descriptions of the types and the system as a whole. They also offer a great deal of insight and practices for using the Enneagram in your personal life. Furthermore, we continually revise all of our books so that they contain the newest, most precise work about the Enneagram system available anywhere. For advanced students, we recommend two books in particular, Character and Neurosis by Claudio Naranjo and Facets of Unity (about the Holy Ideas) by A. H. Almaas.

Our five books are The Wisdom of the Enneagram (1999), Personality Types (1987, 1996), Understanding the Enneagram (1990, 2000), Discovering Your Personality Type (1992, 1995), and Enneagram Transformations (1993). Don Riso and Russ Hudson are also still working on their business book, Personality Types at Work. They have also written The Power of the Enneagram (published as a 6-cassette audio tape set by Nightingale Conant, as well as an abridged edition of it on 2 cassettes by Simon & Schuster.) Please note that all of our books and tapes contain completely different material, and none of the books repeats contents from any other book or tape.

As for personal and spiritual growth books by other authors, we have compiled a large list of books giving perspectives related to or complementary with the Enneagram.

Most Enneagram books have something to offer, although perceptive readers will discern that there are significant differences between them. Some books actually contain information that we feel is incomplete and misleading. We feel strongly that Enneagram books about relationships, business, spirituality—or any other topic, for that matter—will be of little use if they are based on distorted notions of the types or of the Enneagram as a whole. For better or worse, there is no such thing as “the Enneagram”—and no “oral tradition” which has transmitted it. There are only different interpretations of Ichazo’s original insights which have been elaborated on by different authors. Those interested in this system are therefore urged to read all Enneagram books (including our own) critically, to think for themselves, and always to judge everything by their own experience. Sadly, we must warn–Caveat, emptor!

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