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How does your training and approach differ from others?

Don and Russ offer an extremely comprehensive, experiential Enneagram Training Program. The Program is a synthesis of presented materials, discussion, group exercises, meditations, interactive type panels, spiritual teachings and music—all aimed at giving participants a rich, multi-modal experience of each personality type, particularly their own. It is important to note that Don and Russ personally teach every session themselves rather than rely on certifying students or on other teaching substitutes. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program is in three parts, and is described in detail on this website on the Programs and Trainings pages. Please get more details from there, and call The Enneagram Institute office if you have any additional questions.

Part I of the Training is an extraordinary mix of mental, physical, and emotional elements that both convey the information participants need to use the Enneagram in their lives and provide the safety and accepting environment to make personal breakthroughs. For each type, Don and Russ present a meditation and spiritual teaching, followed by a discussion of the type’s Triad issues as well as childhood developmental patterns, the wing subtypes, the Psychic Structure (a new, visual representation of the inner dynamics of the type), an experiential exercise, a trip through the Levels of Development with examples from popular culture, an interactive type panel, and a piece of music. The depth and clarity of the Training makes it possible for participants to experience the power of the system in action. Having deep insight and personal experiences of their type allows participants to “Observe and Let Go” of their old personality patterns. They realise for themselves that they are, indeed, not their personality but something more—a spiritual Presence in the world. Seeing themselves clearly in the “mirror” of the Enneagram liberates them from the distortions of the past so that they can live joyously and productively in the present.

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