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How can I learn which personality type I am?

There are no short-cuts in this matter: only your own self-awareness and honesty will enable you to discover your personality type. For some, the discovery is quick and immediate: they are able to find their type right away. Others, for many reasons, may take somewhat longer.

Furthermore, no single method works equally well for everyone. We feel, for instance, that carefully reading a good book on the subject can be better than going to a mediocre workshop—so it would not be fair to say that attending workshops is the best way to find your type. On the other hand, attending a good workshop can be better than reading a mediocre book. Nor would the best way to find your type be by taking a short questionnaire or by being typed by someone who purports to be an “Enneagram expert” of some kind. The only independently scientifically validated Enneagram Test, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, is available at

We recommend taking all sources of information about the Enneagram and its types into account, although the final responsibility for finding your type remains firmly with you alone. We also recommend that you actively question all of your sources of information about the Enneagram since there is much that is misleading and contradictory in the field, even in books by many of the leading Enneagram authors. In short, no one can tell you which type you are: only you can weigh all of the available evidence and then draw your own conclusions. Above all, continue to observe yourself to see if your type determination fits. And remember that finding your type is not the final destination with the Enneagram, in fact, it is only the beginning of the journey.

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